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  • Rhythmic Light
    Make Your Life Colorful
    This portable Bluetooth speaker is stylishly designed with RGB LED indicators and you can convert lighting modes in different scenes as you like. Mega can emit Breathing Moonlight, Constant Moonlight, Breathing Rainbow, Constant Rainbow, Moonlight and other modes, is suitable for listening with when relaxing, bed-time reading and working, adding a sense of tranquility and "Rainbow" light in party, dating, etc., enlivening life party.
  • TWS Mode
    Pairing Connection
    TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology allows you connect 2 Mega simultaneously with your phone, realizing 360-degree true dual enhanced stereo sound. For example, when you watch movies, dramas and plays or listening to music at home, with 2 AXLOIE Mega, stronger ambient sound would get you immersed in sound world. And with TWS mode, you can share music with your family and friends when you are in different rooms at home.
  • Premium Quality
    Good to Hear
    45 mm high-quality horn speakers produce 10W stereo sound with enhanced bass, rich midrange and clear high-pitched sound without distortion at any volume. Mega in full stereo is suitable for gatherings, parties at home, giving incredible music experience to lift your mood.
  • Original Design
    Unique Home Decor
    It is originally designed by AXLOIE. Geometric radial diamonds shape makes up your elegant life. Black color gives you a sense of elegance and white color, a sense of purity. You can simply put it at home for it’s a beautiful speaker that won’t compromise your room’s musical and decoration aesthetics

Fascinating and funny.
AXLOIE Mega, born for the pleasure at home.
No more feeling lonely even you are alone.
Mega, a new rhythm from here!

  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Operating distance: ≥20m
  • Horn Size: 45mm
  • Working time: 8h
  • Charging time: 2.5h
  • Battery capacity:1000mA
  • 01 Speaker
  • 02 USB cable
  • 03 User manual
  • 1. The speaker won't play MP3 format after inserting a USB disk.
    This may be a problem with the USB disk, try another one.
  • 2. Do all TF cards match the speaker?
    No, the speaker can support TF cards up to 32GB or smaller capacities.
  • 3. The speaker is disconnected while watching a video.
    The reason may be an unstable signal. Move your device closer to the speaker or remove any obstacle between them.
  • 4. There is an audio delay.
    It could be the network itself while you watch movies online. Or the connection environment of your speaker and device is subject to signal interference.
  • 5. How to enter into TWS mode?
    a.Turn on two Mega speakers.
    b.Long press the buttons and on any speaker.
    c.When the two speakers enter into TWS pairing status, it will automatically pair with the other one.
    d.Activate Bluetooth on your phone and select “Mega” to connect.
  • 6. How to switch light mode?
    Long press the buttons and .